Judy Ryan for Melbourne

“I look forward to continuing my work in our community, to improve our quality of life and enjoyment of our heritage, inner-city neighbourhood.”

Judy Ryan was raised in Wangaratta and moved to Melbourne to study business at RMIT. She worked in marketing, communications and publications at BHP and Charles Sturt University, and in the secondary education and health sectors.

Judy has established successful relocation businesses: in 2005 in north-east Victoria, and in Melbourne in 2016.

Living in Abbotsford since 2012, Judy has been involved in the Yarra Community Friends program, a community-based mentoring program providing positive role models for disadvantaged young people.

Judy’s community focus has been the drug-injecting health crisis in North Richmond and South Abbotsford. She stood as an Independent candidate in the 2016 Yarra election, campaigning on the single issue of the need for a trial Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR) in North Richmond. Hundreds of impacted residents supported Judy’s campaign: If not us, who? If not now, when?

Judy worked closely in 2016/17 with Reason Party leader, Fiona Patten MP, to lobby the Victorian Labor Government to establish a trial MSIR. This facility has been open for 10 months. It has saved lives, provided treatment for people suffering addiction and reduced ambulance callouts.

If elected as MP for Melbourne, Judy will use an evidence-based approach to:
• urgently address drug law reform, homelessness and mental health issues
• push for a low-carbon society and economy
• champion women’s issues: health, safety, financial security, homelessness, equity and representation in politics and business

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“One of the reasons we were able to achieve what we set out to was possibly naivety, that we didn’t know we couldn’t, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t common for people to set out an agenda, to say we’ll introduce a private member’s bill and actually get it adopted…”

Fiona Patten – MLC

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