Rachel Payne for Menzies

“Are your politicians really representing your best interests?”

Rachel Payne is a passionate advocate for progressive social change and common-sense in politics. She is the General Manager of Eros Association, a national industry association advocating for small business and has campaigned on issues of personal freedoms, censorship, discrimination and equality. Rachel has previously worked in project management, policy and client liaison roles in both the Family Law Courts and Department of Social Services, as well as the Parliament of Victoria for Reason Party Leader and Victorian MP Fiona Patten. Rachel is also a performance artist which afforded her the opportunity to perform in Paris, London and throughout Australia. She is actively involved in community advocacy, and volunteers her time particularly working with women’s social and ethical organisations, and LGBTQI communities.

Rachel holds undergraduate degrees in sociology and politics as well as a Masters in Policy and Human Services. Her interests include fighting for evidence-based reform and action on climate change and renewable energy, women’s equity, LGBTQI rights, transparent and accountable government, and positive social and political engagement, particularly with young people.

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“One of the reasons we were able to achieve what we set out to was possibly naivety, that we didn’t know we couldn’t, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t common for people to set out an agenda, to say we’ll introduce a private member’s bill and actually get it adopted…”

Fiona Patten – MLC

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