Ethan Mileikowski for Glen Eira – Camden Ward

I’ve lived in Glen Eira my whole life, and I love my local community. I’m passionate about well developed evidenced-based policy as well as a kinder, more compassionate approach to government. I’m also one of the Mental Health Foundations 2020 Youth Ambassadors, with a particular passion for better mental health policy across all levels of government.

The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on so many living in Glen Eira. With economic and health crises, it’s clear that forward-thinking, innovative ideas are going to be necessary to ensure that nobody gets left behind. I’m not just going to work for a better council, I’m going to fight for transparency, inclusivity, and make sure that Glen Eira is responsive to the needs of its residents.

With your help I will advocate for:

  • Supporting small business and sole traders by reducing unnecessary red tape and expanding and extending council grant opportunities.
  • Tackling the climate emergency by ensuring council commits to the 2030 carbon neutrality target and that council works proactively with businesses to expand access to renewable energy.
  • Increasing Council transparency and councillor accountability, including furthering resident inclusion in the decision making processes
  • Modernising and digitisatising our council services, including developing a Digital wallet, acting as an online hub for small businesses to streamline their interactions with council.
  • Opposing the sale of council owned and facilitated aged care facilities and fighting for an improvement in the overall quality of aged care services.
  • Better and more accessible local amenities, including more green open spaces and the permanent opening of Caulfield Racecourse to public use.
  • Helping local community organisations and sporting clubs get the facilities and government support they deserve

We’re looking for volunteers to help out during our local election campaign. If you have a special skill that you’d like to lend, please get in touch and leave your details below.

We welcome any size donation towards our campaign to help establish Reason in our local councils. The Reason Party puts people before politics and makes positive, evidence-based change for Australians.

Reason's Mission

The Reason Party stands for forward-thinking, evidence-based and inclusive change for Australia. We represent reasonable people who want real change for the better.
The current major parties are in constant political gridlock, but Reason is here to break down those barriers and implement solutions to important community issues, that matter to you.
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“One of the reasons we were able to achieve what we set out to was possibly naivety, that we didn’t know we couldn’t, I didn’t realise that it wasn’t common for people to set out an agenda, to say we’ll introduce a private member’s bill and actually get it adopted…”

Fiona Patten – MLC

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