Proven broker of good sense

Reason is unashamedly non-partisan, working with both sides of politics to be a genuine broker of good sense and Reason in politics.

Our position on the crossbench is one of immense responsibility and we refuse to play political games, instead focussing on how we can make real positive change in our community.

Effective, positive social change

Reason has a proven track record of getting things done when it comes to effective, positive, social change.

From Voluntary Assisted Dying giving people options when they previously had none, to Medically Supervised Injecting rooms treating drug addiction as a medical issue – not a crime. Reason is making an impact in our community by implementing policy that makes a real difference in peoples lives.

Protect kids and leave adults alone

Reason supports a person’s freedom to choose their own lifestyle and way of living, so long as personal choices do not harm others, and respect others’ human rights.

This includes freedom from discrimination and exploitation on the basis of race or nationality, disability, sexuality or gender, religion or belief;  freedom of expression and the right to decide what you do with your own body.

Money where it’s needed

Governments need to be responsible with your money, it’s as simple as that. This doesn’t mean slashing funding from essential services only for us to have to pay it back with interest later on and it doesn’t mean pork-barrelling funds into swing seats while the rest of the state is left to dry.

Reason believes that responsible fiscal spending should be executed where it will make the biggest difference, not buy the most votes.


Religious organisations that are open and transparent about their activities

  • Remove tax exemptions from for-profit businesses owned by religious institutions, while protecting their charitable activities
  • Reform anti-discrimination laws to prevent religious organisations from discriminating
  • Remove religious oaths from parliamentary proceedings
  • Extend mandatory reporting laws to religious institutions
  • End exemptions for admissions disclosed in religious confessions
  • Plan transition from existing coal-fired plants and oppose the development of new coal mines, including Adani
  • Subsidise development of renewable energy industries by progressively phasing out government subsidies to coal, gas and petroleum industries
  • Reduce emissions in line with the Paris agreement and limit global warming to 1.5 – 2 degrees Celsius
  • Invest in Australian research into renewable energy technologies and ensure developments are made available to Australian industries first
  • Remove tax barriers to build-to-rent and rent-to-buy schemes
  • Modify negative gearing benefits to ensure greater investment in new affordable housing stock
  • Ensure Australian residents are not priced out of the housing market by foreign investors

Regulations and processes that enable our representatives to act with integrity

  • Insist on evidence, research and expert knowledge in support of proposed policies
  • Facilitate rational, frank, transparent and fearless advice from public servants
  • Support democratic processes for open and honest dialogue with the public, including citizen juries, referendums, and town hall meetings
  • Foster connections between young people and the processes of parliament and government
  • Facilitate bipartisan long-term planning of social and physical infrastructure
  • Support introduction of a federal ICAC
  • Establish a national framework of Healthy Ageing
  • Design and implement strategies to combat ageism
  • Support the aged care diversity framework and action plans to ensure equality in care for elder Australians
  • Create age and dementia friendly environments within community
  • Re-write the Aged Care Act 1997 from a human rights’ perspective
  • Transparency about how aged care providers spend government subsidies
  • Mandatory reporting of elder abuse
  • Evidence-based drug policy, founded on early treatment and harm reduction
    • Treat drug use as a health issue, not a criminal issue (akin to the Portuguese model)
    • Legalise, regulate and tax cannabis
    • Trial prescription hydromorphone (analogue of heroin) to break the link between heroin addiction and crime
    • Legalise electronic vaporisers and liquid nicotine as recognised treatments for Smoking
    • Provide Federal support for the States to implement pill testing and safe injecting facilities
  • Repeal laws that prevent the territories from enacting voluntary assisted dying legislation
  • Promote and support legalisation of VAD in every state and territory of Australia
  • Modernise and reform classification laws to facilitate responsible adult freedoms while protecting children
  • Make it unlawful to discriminate against a person on the basis of their profession or calling
  • Provide age-appropriate relationship and sex education in school curricular
  • Provide Federal support the for the States to implement the decriminalisation of Sex Work
  • Create a statutory right to privacy, with stronger sanctions for breaches
  • Ban any future collection of phone and internet metadata without a warrant
  • Subject publication of private data in the media to a public interest test
  • Increase accountability covering use of visual surveillance

Investment in small business and innovation as the drivers of our future economy

  • Decrease regulatory burdens and taxes on small business
  • Cut red tape via a dedicated parliamentary committee
  • Establish a strategy to respond to the impact of Artificial Intelligence and automation on the economy and the workplace
  • Increase investment in medical technology (med-tech) and pharmaceuticals sectors
  • Prioritise local businesses in government procurement
  • Fund development of Accelerator and Innovation Hubs, linked to universities and regional community hubs
  • Evidence based review and development of the National Innovation and Science Agenda
  • Lower barriers to entrepreneurship and start-up investment
  • Investigate ways to ensure a degree of financial security for young entrepreneurs and independent contractors when between businesses and contracts
  • Establish an Australian Innovation Fund

A focus on evidence-based prevention and early intervention throughout the health system

  • Enhance access to local GPs
  • Increase funding for public health measures to prevent or reduce the incidence of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis
  • Invest in new technology to enable access to specialist medical treatment for rural and remote communities (telemedicine)
  • Invest in a national public health campaign on HIV and sexual health prevention, testing and treatment
  • Redistribute 1% from major arts institutions to small and medium institutions
  • Call for a return of the Interactive Games Fund to encourage innovative approaches and start-ups in the digital arts, with multiple year grants to grow sustainable businesses
  • Create a National Arts Week
  • Introduce six months paid parental leave at 80% of regular salary (capped at $70,000), with a safety net floor of the minimum wage
  • Introduce a means tested government co-contribution to superannuation for women earning less than $60,000 a year
  • Mandate a minimum of 35% of either sex on all boards of companies earning more than $15M
  • Hold a referendum to decide if Australia wants to become a Republic
  • Close all offshore detention centres and facilitate the immediate evacuation of Manus and Nauru
  • After a strictly enforced time for security screening, people seeking asylum should be brought to Australia and assisted to settle in regional towns and cities while their claims are processed refugee status is assessed within a predetermined timeframe
  • Ensure asylum seekers who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and/or intersex (LGBTI) are not sent to, or held in, regions that are hostile to LGBTI people
  • Should there be a delay in the evacuation of offshore detention centres:
    • Ensure the health and safety of people in offshore detention centres
    • Provide international NGOs and the media access to offshore detention
  • Transport and infrastructure investment to be guided by a clear business case instead of pork barrelling
  • Transport investment by Commonwealth only where there is an impact on the national economy
  • Promote renewed focus on science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM)
  • Extend STEM to include arts and music (STEAM)
  • Incentivise teachers to teach in geographic areas of particular need; invest in high quality teacher training and career development
  • Government funding contingent on acceptance of a non-religious curriculum
  • End the National School Chaplaincy Program
  • Remove Special Religious Instruction

Advocacy for self-determination and an effective Treaty

  • Foster opportunities for every Aboriginal child to achieve their full potential
  • Take an integrated approach, and pooled funding from different agencies, to contribute to common goals and outcomes
  • Support the realisation of the Uluru Statement from the heart including the Makarrata Commission
  • Support further investment in closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health outcomes centres
  • Establish a national approach to civics and political literacy in schools
  • Extend a non-compulsory voting right to young people aged 16 and 17